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If you love light games, you can’t ignore Jenny mod. This game is highly rated on the famous charts. Let’s find out more about this fascinating game.

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What is Jenny MOD

Jenny is a character in the Minecraft game developed by Slipperytum. Besides popular games like Minecraft PE, Minecraft Appvn, Craft Warriors coming to Jenny you will discover more unique things of your own. When you just download Jenny MOD, you can find her in a pointed roof building. Jenny can be seen as your virtual girlfriend. Do you go out with her, give her gifts like gold, diamonds or emeralds.

Jenny possesses several outstanding superpowers. If she gets a lucky potion, she can use the Probability Manipulation and Water Breathing skills to give herself an advantage. Jenny also has the ability to teleport like Enderman when the conditions are right. Furthermore, Jenny has an ideal healing ability, which helps her regain strength quickly after attacks.

Style play

Jenny MOD requires players to discover the attractive elements of the game themselves. You need to find a female character named Jenny. You have to explore the land and try to find her, as she can be anywhere. Once you have caught Jenny, she will become your companion. Jenny can quickly complete your tasks quickly. At the same time, you can also date her, cook together, eat together, sew clothes, … or even “do it”.

Features of Jenny

Jenny possesses very desirable features, such as:


If Jenny gets the lucky potion, she can use Probability Manipulation and Water Breathing to her advantage. She also has the same teleportation ability as Enderman under the right conditions, which makes her unreliable when staying too long.

Jenny also possesses remarkable resilience, allowing her to restore her strength very quickly after attacks. Since the developer created this character with detailed physical attributes in mind, Jenny is able to use several body parts, such as her hips or butt, during combat.


Even superheroes have weaknesses and Jenny is no exception. She hates Squids and tends to get bogged down in slime, so make sure to keep Jenny away from them.

Graphics- Sound

Jenny MOD complements you with beautiful 2D graphics with precise and detailed rendering of images with realistic landscapes. The game also cleverly arranged and harmonized the outstanding nuances of plants, flowers or beautiful constructions, forming a great whole. The background music of Jenny MOD is also gentle, pleasant, blending together to create a peaceful painting. Bringing moments of pleasant, relaxing game to players.

Jenny mod APK {{version}}

FAQs about Jenny mod

Is it safe to download games for the device?

Jenny MOD is extremely safe for players’ devices. You can be completely assured of security because this MOD has been carefully censored by a team of experienced technicians of DESIGNS10 before being delivered to players. The risks related to security or personal information leakage have been completely eliminated.

Does Jenny mod cost anything?

Jenny MOD is provided 100% free at DESIGNS10’s website. You do not need to pay any costs when downloading and experiencing this attractive MOD version.

Is it easy to download the game?

The operation to download Jenny mod to the device is very simple, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Access DESIGNS10.

Step 2: Find on the search bar the name of the application to download.

Step 3: Click and download to the device.

Download Jenny game mod APK for Android

Jenny MOD APK gives players a female character named Jenny. A girl who always follows your every command. This is really a fun thing, however Jenny only stays with you for a short time before leaving if not close enough with you. And with the MOD version at DESIGNS10, it will give you unlimited health and power, allowing you to do everything you like.

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