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Bilibili is a pretty familiar name in the minds of anime enthusiasts. The application allows users to watch many different types of animation for a fee of 0 VND. So, do you know how to download and install this interesting application? If not, follow the article below to know how to download it to your phone!

What is Bilibili?

Download app Bilibili MOD APK watch Video Anime, Comics {{version}}

Bilibili is essentially an application that allows users to watch cartoons and read stories for free on their phones. You can watch more than 1000 famous anime series in the world and most of them have Vietnamese subtitles.

Not only watching, but you can also upload your videos to the app to share with everyone. It is like a video library, which specializes in cultural sharing between countries. The videos posted all contain original content exclusively from Bilibili.

App Bilibili was listed on US NASDAQ in 2018 as BILI and has grown rapidly in 2020. At AnimeJapan in March 2019, Bilibili announced a partnership with Sony (owned by Funimation) . With the goal of collaborating to provide licensed anime both in the US and China.

The reasons you should use Bilibili


Huge value

From 2020 to early 2021, Bilibili’s company value has increased sixfold in one year. With a market capitalization of over $50 billion as of early January 2022. This is 30-40 times the amount that Sony bought Crunchyroll, the largest US anime streaming house.

Direct competitor to Youtube

Bilibili’s main business is actually uploading videos. This is one of the largest applications that allow users to upload and share videos in China.

In the Bilibili application, there are also many types of edited anime-related clips. Users can use their creativity to build entertainment content and monetize views on the app.

It is expected that in the future, many Youtubers will switch to Bilibili. This is also because the content posted on the application is not sued for copyright like YouTube.

Huge movie store

Coming to Bilibili, you can find a lot of your favorite animated movies. The application owns a large number of original videos of many genres of cartoons. Each video has Vietnamese, English and Chinese subtitles.

Instructions for downloading and installing Bilibili

Download app Bilibili MOD APK watch Video Anime, Comics {{version}}

At the DESIGNS10 website you can find the Bilibili download link provided by the publisher. This is a website that specializes in providing Vietnamese users with official links to download applications. In addition to the free anime viewing application, you can also find many other app download links here. To download the app, just follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to DESIGNS10 and search for the Bilibili application on the “Search” toolbar.
  • Step 2: The system will display the link to download Bilibili to iOS and Android. You just need to see your phone type and choose the appropriate link.
  • Step 3: Extract the downloaded file so that the phone automatically installs the application.

Common problems when using the Bilibili app app

Download app Bilibili MOD APK watch Video Anime, Comics {{version}}

Error can’t download the app Bilibili mod to the phone

When you get this error, you must check if your phone has enough space. If there is still space but it cannot be downloaded, it is most likely because the path you used is not correct for the operating system. Just find another path that is more suitable.

Can’t watch the video in the best quality

Usually, an unstable network connection will directly affect the quality of the videos you watch on the application. So make sure the network is more stable when watching.

Can’t upload video to app

To be able to upload videos, you must register and log in to the application account. Just set up an account and you can feel free to post videos!

Download Bilibili MOD APK for Android and iOS now

Bilibili application allows users to watch animated videos for free. So you should not ignore this application. Follow our instructions to download Bilibili mod it right away!


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